Outlining service offered.

Our Service

We provide a solution which is custom designed to meet your needs.

This entails an initial visit to your business premises or work site for a full assessment of where your business stands in relation to WHS.

We will look at your existing systems, determine what you are doing right and advise ways to improve and maintain your compliance.

Alternately if you require a new system we will design one which fits your business and meets all legislative requirements.  This is designed by Managing Director Susan Bennett and is simple and effective.

If you need a more comprehensive system we can provide a fully customised cloud based safety software package which is easy for both management and staff to use and complies with all legislative requirements.

Whether you are a small trades based business or a multi-faceted organisation such as a Council we have the resources and experience to meet your needs.

Our service doesn’t end there.

If you would like us to train your people how to manage the system we can do so or alternately we are happy to maintain it for you.

We also conduct safety training – Risk Assessment, Safe Work Method Statements, How to run your WHS Committee and Emergency Warden training to name a few.  Contact us for further details.

Do you need a Return to Work Coordinator?  If your business spends in excess of $50,000 annually on wages it is a legal requirement that you have this role covered.  Susan can do this on a contract basis and is qualified by SafeWork NSW to do so.

We will liaise with you and your team and help implement processes and procedures to maintain compliance. All you will need to do is follow our recommendations.

This takes the burden of compliance from you and placing it in our expert hands. You can then concentrate on doing business.