Example of WHS Management System

WHS and your business

As employers we all have a legislative requirement to provide a safe and healthy workplace.

It makes good business sense to care for our workers. They are an integral part of the success of your business.

Workplace accidents and disease can be a huge financial burden on your business and the families of injured workers.

We can assist you to take preventative measures against accident and injury in your workplace.

This entails putting a WHS Management system in place which covers all areas of compliance.

Having a system in place gives you the ability to ensure all necessary aspects of WHS are maintained, controlled and documented.

Not only is this good practice it also provides evidence to regulatory authorities of the status of your Work Health and Safety and details the measures taken to ensure compliance in your business.

It is impossible to predict if a workplace accident will occur, however we can take steps to reduce the likelihood and severity of an incident.

Other services we provide include:-

  • Assistance in writing policy, procedure and induction packages to suit your individual needs
  • Advice on health monitoring relevant to your particular industry
  • Methods for you to provide effective communication to your workers
  • Provide Work Health and Safety training for you and your workers
  • Risk assessment of plant, equipment, business premises and training your workers in risk assessment
  • Return to Work Coordinator